what a wonderful life

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So there we were, standing around the kitchen, with my Mom and Dad joking and laughing like we do and in the midst of Raj’s laughing  (I call my Dad by his first name because we’re friends and he’s cool like that) he paused, smiled, looked at my mom and said,

“What a wonderful life.”

Four words that I thought were just so simplistically beautiful.

This past weekend we celebrated my brother’s 20th birthday (a month late of course because the Thomas household is fun like that) and it was great. Nothing about it was extraordinary.

We surprised my brother with a cake, the same cheesecake we get him every single year for his birthday, and my crazy, messy family stood around the dining room table as we sang our extremely off-key and out of tune joke of the birthday song.

And as uneventful as it all sounds, in that moment I couldn’t have been happier. There I was surrounded by people that I love more than anything else, healthy and happy (and eating great food!!!) and honestly—  what more could a girl ask for?

In the chaos of today, it can seem as if all the scandals, shootings, and sorrows outweigh the joy in our lives and it shouldn’t be that way because, quite frankly, it isn’t that way. There is SO much awesome around us and all we have to do is open our eyes and appreciate the blessings, regardless of how small they may seem to be.

Things as simple as eating dinner with your family is wonderful. Laughing with your friends is wonderful. Spending time with people you care about is wonderful. Having good health is wonderful. Being alive is wonderful. Life is wonderful.

We spend so much time wishing life was fair, or wishing we had more time, or hating circumstance, or complaining about the pettiest of things and before we know it we’ve let joy pass us by because we were too busy looking for better when happy was already in front of us the entire time.

There’s an innate beauty in the simplicity. In the ordinary. In the hum of every day. And we should take more time to appreciate all those simple, beautiful, and inconsequential wonders now.

My message to all of you is this:

Spend more time with the people who make your life feel like sunshine and more than anything find time to make time because life’s blessings should be celebrated more often.

There’s no time like now to hang out in the kitchen, laugh with our parents, and love deeply our oh so wonderful life.

To the sun and back,

aswathi 🔆


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