To My Best Friends

In order to “cure” myself of my unhealthy Type A habits, I have made an effort (which surprisingly hasn’t failed yet) to be more active and adventurous this summer. And well, considering I created this blog roughly a year ago and have only posted twice on it, I’ve decided that this summer things will be different and I will actually attempt blogging every week (LOL no promises!)

So as this first week of summer is quickly passing by, I found myself stumped on what it was I wanted to blog about. But then, as I came across the many Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram posts of #NationalBestFriendDay it finally hit me; why not write about one of the most important things in my life— my friends!

When I think about my friends there is not one single memory or feeling I can pinpoint on. All my friends are so different. Some are quiet, others painfully loud, some outgoing, others more reserved, some funny, some artistic, some talented, some athletic, some selfless and blah blah…you get the point.

But when it comes down to the core, the one thing I can pinpoint on is how lucky I am to have the greatest friends in the whole wide world. I mean seriously, doesn’t it just amaze you how things work? Like out of all the 7 billion people on the planet this small, minuscule handful of people is who God decided to put by your side? Um yeah, wow.

My friends have laughed with me (and at me), cried with me, laughed until they’ve cried with me, been my biggest cheerleaders, support system, and confidant network. But as I write this, the one thing that I’m oh so grateful for this National BFF day is how my friends have always, always believed in me. I mean yeah, you can believe in yourself and be your own #1 fan and all, but it’s something completely different to have other people see greatness in you, even when you can’t see it for yourself.

To my best friends reading this:

Whether it was pushing me to run or apply for positions, urging me to go out of my comfort zone, praying for me when I had something important, cheering me on during speech tournaments, boosting me when I was down, or simply making me laugh– thank you.

Through all the fights, hangouts, and long nights you’ve stayed by my side– thank you.

Whether I met you during the joyful elementary years, terrifying middle school ones, or stressful moments of AP classes, debate tournaments, or after-school clubs- you know who you are and I am so thankful I met you because you have impacted my life in one way or another. 

You are all such kind, caring, loving, selfless, inspiring, beautiful, hilarious and downright incredible individuals. I am proud to be friends with all of you. You make me brave. You give me hope. You are all suns and I am so honored to be your  friend not just today, but every single day. 

I’d like to end this blog post with a fitting, yet extremely ugly quote that you might already know  (paraphrased, of course, because I can’t remember the real thing):

“Having best friends is like peeing on yourself, because even if you can’t always see it, you know it’s there.”

Always and forever, forever and always. 

Love you all,

-aswathi gurl🔆

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